Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is a management and measurement system that provides organizations a process through which their vision and strategy can be translated into action. Feedback is provided around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results.

When fully deployed, the Balanced Scorecard transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into a fully functional operating plan.

One of the key benefits of Balanced Scorecard is the focus it provides to both management and the employee base. With Balanced Scorecard, strategy is owned by all employees of the corporation. Corporate KPIs are widely communicated and visually displayed so that the mindset of the employee base is focused on achievement of the strategy.

iSDM Consulting will work with you to successfully implement a Balanced Scorecard system to achieve your strategic organizational objectives.

Change Management

Organizations change due to a number of factors such as  restructuring, cost savings, competitive factors, and technological changes.

Change Management is about preparing the employees to cope with the challenges faced in making the transition to the new organizational structure, business processes, performance culture and shareholder expectations.

Change Management initiatives focus on addressing the inevitable resistance to change, both at the organizational and individual level. An effective Change Management initiative will identify existing resistance to change and actively work on overcoming the forces behind the resistance.

Change Management is the systematic approach to a change in the organization whereby all levels of the organization are working in concert to effect the change. The proactive response of the management in developing a strategic plan for Change Management is crucial to the success of any such initiative.

iSDM Consulting will guide your organization through its changes by offering you customized Change Management solutions for identifying, planning and implementing a major change that is suitable to your organizational culture.

We will partner with your organization to identify and implement strategies for a successful Change Management initiative.

Employee Survey

Organizations conduct Employee Surveys to gain an understanding of employee attitudes and engagement, teamwork, company culture, management performance, and communication.

Management needs the opinions of the work force to identify areas for improvement and conducting a survey provides management with the insight necessary to tweak the organization’s health towards improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Employee Surveys allow the organization to:

  • focus on areas for improvement and provide priorities for those areas.
  • establish a benchmark for organizational improvement and measure progress towards it.
  •  establish a benchmark for organizational improvement and measure progress towards it.
  •  change processes and practices that are redundant and ineffective within the organization.
  • engage employees in the process of running the business by encouraging their participation in the survey resulting in focused corporate initiatives.

Success criteria
The key success factors associated with quality Employee Surveys are:

  • focus on areas for improvement and provide priorities for those areas involving all staff in the process.
  • ensuring the questions asked are both comprehensive but understandable .by the employee base.
  • communicating the purpose, handling and outcome of the survey.
  • ensuring senior management cooperation and support.
  • allowing confidentiality and anonymity to participants of the survey.
  • providing results and management feedback on the survey results in a timely manner.
  • provide action steps as a result of the survey to the employee base acting on the results

Areas to Survey
A typical employee survey should focus on employee satisfaction and engagement and provide insight into areas for improvement. Typical focus areas are as follows:

  • Communication
  • Corporate Culture
  • Management Behaviour
  • Career Development
  • Training & Development
  • Teamwork and interdepartmental relationships
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Commitment / Engagement

iSDM Consulting will work with your organization to identify the key areas to survey based on your business model, industry and age of your employees.

Our Employee Survey solutions are web-based and offer your organization and its employee base total confidentiality and anonymity.

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Human Resources Audit

The purpose of the HR Audit is to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the HR functions and address issues needing resolution.

The HR Audit looks at each function and asks the question “are we actually doing what we say we are doing”. This can then be compared to HR Global Best Practices and a plan of action put in place to elevate the HR department to a level where it can better meet the organization’s strategic and visionary needs.

iSDM Consulting can help your organization improve its HR productivity through a comprehensive HR Audit that includes a course of action for improvement.

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HR Policies & Procedures

To ensure the fair and consistent treatment of your employee base, it is necessary for all organizations to have up-to-date and easy to administer policies and procedures relating to operational matters.

Having a well written policies and procedures manual provides management with a key tool to manage the employee base. Process flows are defined and systems are clearly spelled out for matters such as Performance Management, Grievance Handling and Salary Increases.

The value system of the organization can be easily identified through the nature and tone of documents. Individual and team responsibilities are well defined and expectations from the employee base are consistently addressed. iSDM Consulting will partner with you to identify, define and write policies and procedures that reflect the requirements of your business model as well as incorporate the values of your organization.

We have as well created a generic Policies & Procedures Handbook that is fully compliant with Indonesian laws that you may purchase. This will save your organization both time and money and can be further customized to reflect your Company’s culture and rules. Our Consultants will be happy to work with you to customize the Handbook, should you desire.

Succession Management

Strategic Succession Management of the Human Resources of an organization requires management to identify risk. Succession Management deals with those risks to ensure the continual operation of your business, to develop and retain talent and to plan for tomorrow.

Our Consultants will work with your management to identify your Key Positions and identify and assess your internal talent based on their performance and potential. We will provide you with strategies for Organizational Development for your Succession Pool and give you insight into the metrics you will need to measure to ensure the success of your program.

iSDM Consulting will provide solutions for your organization to identify the risks and implement a proven Succession Management Program geared towards retaining and developing your employee base to ensure your Company’s competitive future.

Strategic HR Planning

A Strategic HR Plan is essential to align an organization’s resources to its Mission, Vision, Values and strategies.

The Strategic HR Plan will detail the role that Human Resources will play in supporting the goals and strategies of the organization. It will ensure that all aspects of Human Resources are focused towards obtaining the success of the Corporation’s Long-Term Strategy, Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators.

A Strategic HR Plan is also necessary to meet the expectations and requirements of corporate governance, transparency, work ethics, corporate values and profitability through the definition of the various functions, processes and procedures needed to execute the strategy.

Strategic HR Planning is necessary to provide the organization with a Workforce Plan of the Human Capital that will be required for the future to execute its strategic goals. It ensures that the Right People are in the Right Place and at the Right Time.

iSDM Consulting will partner with you to prepare your organization for tomorrow by establishing and implementing transformational HR strategies that will maximize your organizational effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

The management of today’s corporations is faced with a myriad of challenges with global expansion and competition, increasing customer demands and dealing with cultural complexities. To face these challenges managers must transform themselves into Global Leaders.

iSDM Consulting will work with both your High Potential leaders and assist those who need to bridge performance gaps. We will partner with you to assess and diagnose the competencies of the individual to be coached and create a Coaching Contract with them to achieve measurable performance goals.


Our Outplacement and Career Transition Service is custom designed to provide your departing staff with the tools they need to make a successful career change.

Our program is geared towards assisting the employee to understand and accept the changes occurring in their life as well as plan and execute an effective career move.

Our Outplacement Service includes:

  • Career Transition Training / Workshops
  • Career Analysis & Assessment
  • Resume / CV Development and Review
  • Employment Marketing Campaigns
  • Interviewing skills and preparation
  • Analysis of progress and evaluation of job offers
  • Ensuring a smooth transition to a new job
  • Career Centre facilities

We provide customized Group and Individual Outplacement programs for all levels of staff. We can also implement a full Career Centre at your site or at our facilities.

iSDM Consulting has many years of Outplacement experience and will partner with your organization to ensure a smooth transition process.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators enable an organization to define and measure progress toward its strategic goals. Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements that reflect the Critical Success Factors of an organization.

For a Key Performance Indicator to be of any value, they should be accurately defined, measured and cascaded throughout the workforce.

iSDM Consulting will work with you to define and implement Key Performance Indicators that reflect your organization’s long-term goals and provide measurement of your performance.