Integrity & Suitability Assessment

Of all of the online toolkits available in the marketplace for assessing attitudes motivations and behavioural skills, the one that most consistently achieves high predictive accuracy for productivity while also being simple to predict integrity or consistency level of candidates is Suitability Assessment.

Integrity & Suitability Assessment Features:

  • Uses a full spectrum of suitability factors, including personality, interests, work environment preferences, and task preferences.
  • Uses a high-tech questionnaire that provides the equivalent of a full day of testing in only 30 minutes.
  • Uses a technological consistency detector that provides an extremely reliable validation of the authenticity of the answers.
  • Can be effectively applied without professional interpretation.
  • Offers a complete customization to specific job requirements.
  • Offers a complete research data base of success traits for different position types.
  • Delivers a cost effective high correlation with actual job performance.
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