Competency Framework

Competency Frameworks have existed in some form for several decades now. A competency is a collection of related knowledge, skills, abilities and other personal characteristics working in concert to produce outstanding performance in a given area of responsibility.

A Competency Framework affects a major part of one’s job, correlates with performance on the job, can be measured against well-accepted standards and can normally be improved through training and development.

A well defined Competency Framework enables a Company achieve its strategic goals, create higher job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. It is the tool every organization needs as a common denominator to create Human Capital initiatives that are objective, transparent, well defined and consistently applied.

To support your organization’s focus on High Performance and the development of your Human Capital, iSDM Consulting will work with you to develop and implement a Competency Framework that will reflect your business model, organizational culture and achieve your strategic goals.

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