HR Policies & Procedures

To ensure the fair and consistent treatment of your employee base, it is necessary for all organizations to have up-to-date and easy to administer policies and procedures relating to operational matters.

Having a well written policies and procedures manual provides management with a key tool to manage the employee base. Process flows are defined and systems are clearly spelled out for matters such as Performance Management, Grievance Handling and Salary Increases.

The value system of the organization can be easily identified through the nature and tone of documents. Individual and team responsibilities are well defined and expectations from the employee base are consistently addressed. iSDM Consulting will partner with you to identify, define and write policies and procedures that reflect the requirements of your business model as well as incorporate the values of your organization.

We have as well created a generic Policies & Procedures Handbook that is fully compliant with Indonesian laws that you may purchase. This will save your organization both time and money and can be further customized to reflect your Company’s culture and rules. Our Consultants will be happy to work with you to customize the Handbook, should you desire.

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