Human Resources Officer Program


To support business growth, the company must be manned by professionals who are highly motivated and able to build Operational Excellence. Human resource development and management become very important from viewed two aspects: to balance the number of employees with the company’s business growth rate, manage employee motivation in order to remain competitive and develop them to have a global perspective, as well as superior business management skills compared to the professional competitors. To be the decision makers’ strategic partner in the company, HR staff need to master HR process well. Human Resources Officer Program (HROP) designed to assist the HR staffs to be able to answer the challenge.

Main Discussions:

1)      Introduction to HR

2)      Human Resources Planning

  • Definition of Human Resources Planning
  • Human Resources Planning Vs Human Resources Plan
  • Human Resources Planning Process
  • 4 Stages of Human Resources Planning

3)      Industrial Relations

  • The concept of Industrial relations
  • Managing industrial relations
  • Relationship with Workers
  • Disciplinary action
  • The settlement process of labor conflicts

4)      Recruitment Management

  • Definition of Recruitment
  • Recruitment Processes and Stages
  • Interview with Behavioral Model
  • Exercise

5)      Training Management

  • Strategic Role of T & D in business organizations
  • The steps in designing training
  • Evaluate Training and Training Post Activity
  • Develop employee without training
  •  Model Development Training for Non-Employee

6)      Performance Management

  • Why Performance Appraisal is required for the company?
  • Principles of Performance Management
  • Performance Planning
  • How to set targets?
  • Simulation and Role Play
  • Principles of Coaching and Counseling
  • Do and Do not do Coaching and Counseling in PA?
  • Performance Evaluation

7)  Compensation System

  • Compensation Management Strategy
  • Components of Remuneration
  • Job Evaluation
  • Simulation of Job Evaluation
  • Salary Survey
  • Payroll Structure
  • Case Study
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