Job Analysis


The success of an employee in achieving their performance goals should be supported by the clarity of the duties, powers and responsibilities of the job he holds. Often, because of the demands of a more responsive in responding to the challenges of business change, not followed by the clarity of the task or the new authority through writing (again) the employee job description. As a result, the organization runs ineffective, because of the overlapped activity and or release of mutual responsibility. In turn, this will reduce the performance of the organization more broadly, if the organization not made efforts to immediately reinforce the duties, powers and responsibilities of employees through the steps of review or rewriting job description.

Understanding of how to conduct a job analysis that will finally produce Job description documents, is a basic skill that should be owned by every HR personnel. This workshop aims to refresh the knowledge and skills of participants in understanding, formulating and writing a job description accurately. By using the structured interview format that is formatted in “excel format” application will make it easier for the HR officer to review, correcting and prepare a Job Description document.

Main Discussions:

  1. Definition of Job Description
  2. Benefits / Uses Job Description
  3. Constituent components of Job Description
  4. Steps to Develop Job Description
  5. Exercises using the interview form in drafting the job description that has been prepared in an application (format-excel)

Training Tools:

  • Interview Application (Microsoft Excel file)
  • Job Description Form (Microsoft Excel file)


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