HR Training

Training Need Analysis & Training Impact Evaluation

Introduction : In order to support the company’s business targets, HR practitioners are required to be able to contribute to training programs that support the ‘core competencies’ company. For it is very important for HR practitioners master the technique of proper identification in order to produce training programs that fit the needs of the company, …

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Training Design

Introduction : Ineffective training is often a result of bad design, it’s a rough principle when wanting a good quality of training. Each step in the preparation of training should be connected to each other. The creative process certainly plays a major role in this regard. The program is designed to assist you in designing …

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Talent Management Program

Introduction: In crisis and current economic conditions, many companies have felt the need to cut expenses. This should be the ideal environment to execute a talent management system as a means of optimizing the performance of each employee and the organization. However, within many companies the concept of human capital management has just begun to …

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People Development Analyst Program

Introduction: Training program for the People Development Analyst aims to equip candidates, the existing People Development Analyst or HR managers with the skills and insight needed to manage the function People Development with adequately, effectively and optimally. Known by a different title in each company, this position generally works through career management, Talent Pool, Assessment, …

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Job Analysis

Introduction: The success of an employee in achieving their performance goals should be supported by the clarity of the duties, powers and responsibilities of the job he holds. Often, because of the demands of a more responsive in responding to the challenges of business change, not followed by the clarity of the task or the …

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