Job Evaluation & Job Grading


Job evaluation is an important stage in the preparation of human resources management infrastructure, which is a systematic process for comparing (relatively) one job to another job, so we get a mass (weight) of work. Job evaluation is a process to agree on a method to compare relatively between a job with other jobs, where the end result of the job evaluation process is Job weight (the weight of the job / position). By knowing the weight of the job / position then the exact management will have a standard benchmark for setting compensation for a job that is relatively higher than other jobs. By knowing the weight of the job / position management can also plan the grouping (clustering) position, for composing the career maps of each position. And a variety of other benefits in the context of operational HR management.

A major factor in doing the job evaluation is determining “compensable factor”, whereby some great consultants who have competence compile / design of reward system would have to have compansable factors that are generic and can be used by various organizations / industries. Based on the factors determining the compansable then began the relative valuation (memperbanding-right a job with a job position / title etc.) that make the foundation in measuring the weight of positions / jobs. And on the next time can be used as an attempt to implement a policy in the field of reward (reward management), as well as a map career development and training efforts through a grading technique (positions / jobs stratification).

Main Discussions:

  1. Positions Job Evaluation in the infra-structure of human resources management
  2. Concepts and prerequisite of doing the job evaluation
  3. Methods of non analytic (simple) and analytical (logical-systematic) in the Job Evaluation
  4. Determining compansable technical factor with field surveys (taylor made)
  5. Creating and agreeing on a table / chart in performing Job analysis.
  6. Utilizing office position weighting in the analysis of reward system (internal-external Comparation)
  7. Work shop using application tools (excel) in establishing and preparing compensable factor that led to the drafting Job Evaluation table / chart
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