People Development Analyst Program


Training program for the People Development Analyst aims to equip candidates, the existing People Development Analyst or HR managers with the skills and insight needed to manage the function People Development with adequately, effectively and optimally. Known by a different title in each company, this position generally works through career management, Talent Pool, Assessment, Training Management, Performance Management and other methods in order to ensure such individuals with the knowledge, skills and abilities available when required by the relevant organization. For those organizations that prioritize its investments into human resources development, investment in order to become more effective and efficient, no doubt it must also prioritize the development of person / function that is responsible for the management of this People Development.

Main Discussions:

1. Introduction to People Development

  • Functions and Duties of People Development Analyst
  • Linkages with other HR functions
  • Benefits People Development
  • The scope of work People Development
  • People Development Components
  • Characteristics facilitator People Development

2. Career Management

  • What Is Career Management?
  • Scope of Career Management (Career Path, Career Planning, Career Development)
  • Career Management Methodology
  • Forms of Career Management
  • Benefits of Career Management

3. Career Path

  • What Is the Career Path?
  • Objective of Career Path
  • The process of preparation of the Career Path

– Things that are influential in Career Management
– Relations with the career life cycle
– Career Choices

  • Exercise

4. Talent Review

  • What is Talent Review?
  • Objective of Talent Review
  • Talent Review Process
  • Talent Review Model (Assessment etc.)
  • Evaluator
  • The output of the Talent Review
  • The assessment process
  • Exercise

5. Career Planning

  • What Is Career Planning?
  • The purpose of Career Planning
  • Requirements of Career Planning
  • Career Planning Process
  • Does & Don’ts

6. Career Development

  • What Is Career Development?
  • The purpose of Career Development
  • The terms of the Career Development
  • Linkages between Career Development and Performance Management
  • Barriers in Career Development
  • The composing process of the Career Development
  • Exercise
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