Recruitment Analyst Program


Meeting the needs of labor in accordance with the criteria and demands of the organization very easily answered by the word recruitment and selection, which in reality is not as easy as what is said.

Demands of work lately felt greatly improved and strictly not uncommon to make the process of recruitment and selection process run without a mature and well-planned process. A recruitment and selection process that has been prepared in accordance with the planning and organization development (manpower plan) will surely give positive benefits both in terms of time, cost, work effectiveness, even the results to be obtained, which is the right man on the right place.

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the techniques of effective recruitment and selection,
  • Be able to identify the sources which can provide qualified candidates
  • Understand effective ways to get potential candidates as needed organization,
  • Conduct selection process with effective methods and manage it professionally

Main Discussions:

  • How to understand the needs of the organization through available manpower plan,
  • How to do effective resourcing
  • How to resume selection and cross check references,
  • Understand effective ways of doing selection,
  • How to make admission decisions are objective,
  • How does the candidate respond in a professional manner,
  • How to prepare an induction program


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