Training Analyst Program


As part of the human resources development in the company, training occupies a very important position. Because it requires no small amount of funding, training programs are not designed correctly only be a waste of money which can not significantly benefit the trainee employees or the company. To be able to see the needs and designing training programs, a Training Specialist should be equipped with adequate competence in analyzing and designing programs to address the needs of the company correctly. Furthermore, he should also be capable of the minimal function as a trainer, administrate and evaluate the runned program. And to make training can be applied on the job, a Training Specialist eventually also have to be able to make follow-up programs after training is completed.

Main Discussions:

  • Training as tool of human resource development
  • Analysis of training needs
  • Designing a training program
  • Organizing & Training Administration
  • Being an effective trainer
  • Conduct evaluation of training programs
  • Create and monitor program activity post-training
  • Conduct training vendor selection
  • Manage the administration of training
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