Coaching Skills

Introduction :

In general, coaching is helping someone else expand and apply his or her skills, knowledge, and abilities. It generally takes place within a defined context, such as a specific task, skill, or resonsibility.

This definition of coach covers a wide range of activities. The role of a coach might involve being a subject matter expert in a particular discipline. Or it could mean being a motivator whose pep talks and words of encouragement inspire others to greatness. It can also mean helping others se goals or find a direction for their efforts. Coaching might also be developing and maintaining an ongoing developmental relationship with one or more of the organization`s rising young stars. Preparing someone to be a coach can mean training him or her in one, all, or any combination of these roles.

For the purposes of this training, coaching is defined as helping others succeed through guiding, teaching, motivating, and mentoring.

Main Discussions :

1.   What Is Coaching?
2.   Coaching Self-Assessment
3.   Need Assessment and Defining the Coaching Relationship.
4.   Building Trust and Rapport
5.   Listening for Understanding.
6.   Giving Effective Feedback
7.   Coach as Guide
8.   Coach as Motivator
9.   Coach as Teacher
10. Coach as Mentor

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