Soft Skill Training

Supervisory Skills

Introduction : The key to being an effective corporate supervisor lies in the ability to influence and inspire employees and work teams. While it’s true that some supervisors are natural leaders, most people will need some guidance to figure out the best approach. Supervisory skills training can help new and experienced Supervisor confront and overcome […]

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Diversity Sensitiveness

Introduction : The word diversity, however, is anything but unemotional. It evokes strong emotional reactions from leaders, practitioners, and people affected by diversity interventions and solution. The “what is diversity?” question stirs myriad thoughts and opinions, some positive and others negative. The position reactions generally come from people who see themselves as able to value,

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Project Management

Introduction : It`s been said that a person with a hammer tends to see everyhing as a nail, beut good craftspeople know that there`s a tool for every job. Project management can provide a veritable Swiss army knife of tools that can prove useful in many different situations within your organization. Interest in project management

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Facilitation Skills

Introduction : Facilitation of learning in not the same as making a presentation. The word facilitate comes from the Latin facilis, and means, “to make easy”. Strong facilitation skills often drive the success of a learning experience. With more and more subject matter expert assuming training responsibilities in specific content areas, development of superior facilitation

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Leading Change

Introduction : Every organization is where it is today because of a multitude of changes. Wheter these involved moving from a small “kitchen table” or gerage housed operation to a stand-alone business. Doubling staff size over two years; embracing a new manufacturing process, adopting new technologies to serve costomers, dealing with turnover in key positions,

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Coaching Skills

Introduction : In general, coaching is helping someone else expand and apply his or her skills, knowledge, and abilities. It generally takes place within a defined context, such as a specific task, skill, or resonsibility. This definition of coach covers a wide range of activities. The role of a coach might involve being a subject

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