Creative and Innovation

Introduction :

There is no formula or quick fix for innovation. To be an innovative organization means being smart in a thousand different ways. Most organizations are already smart in many ways or they wouldn`t still be in business. But organiations may be unconsciously competent. That is, they don`t know or have not articulated what it is that makes them successful as innovators. The hazard is that because they don`t know what`s making them successful, thay often create new strategies, policies, or procedures that undermine their success rather than enhance it.

One of the goals of training is to help organization become more conscious of the underlying principles, practices, and skills that support innovation and organizational success. Innovation is not and should not be an isolated initiative in an organization. Innovational efforts should build on current strengths and strategies by identifying those areas where are organization could be even smarter.

The spectrum of innovation is vast. It ranges from incremental innovation which can be small but important improvements to an existing product, service. Or process to breakthrough or disruptive innovations that cause entire industries or frames of reference to change. By definition, how ever, even incremental changes must produce added value in order to be called innovation.

The principles, processes, tools, and techniques introduced in this training can be applied to the entire spectrum of innovation. The differences in outcomes, be they incremental or totally disrutive, are more linked to the initial purpose o charter of a given innovation project or can bring value to any innovation effort of individuals and teams in your organization with the tools contained here.

Main Discussions :

1. Cracking Questions
2. Breakthrough Generator
3. BrainwritingPlus
4. Think 360
5. Quadrant Collaboration
6. Innovation Criteria Grid
7. Contemplation Matrix
8. Are You Creative?
9. Three-Color Sorting

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