Problem Solving and Decision Making

Introduction :

Everyone is required to make many decisions every day in their budiness and personal lives. Most decisions, by most people, are handled quickly and without much thought. But many of us procrastinate or over-analyze some of the most important decisions we must make. This book breaks down the process of making decisions into a structure that can relieve the delay and stress of choosing the right option when we face important opportunities or problems.

Main Discussions :

1.   The Decision Making Process : Anatomy of a Decision
2.   The Creative Process : Developing Options
3.   Barriers to Creativity
4.   Overcoming Barriers to Creativity
5.   Tools to Improve Creativity
6.   The Analytic Process : Narrowing Down the Options
7.   Using Everyday Statistics
8.   Using Tools to Improve Analysis
9.   The Human Aspect : Emotional and Irrational Factors
10. Implementing the Decision : Wrap-Up

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