Teamwork Development

Introduction :

Teams and teamwork are closely linked concepts. As you got ready to develop teamwork within your organization or within teams that are part of your organization, having a clear definition of each concept is helpful. As you may have seen, many people who are part of ”official” teams don’t practice teamwork. And an equal number of people who work within an organization but not as part of an official team nonetheless demonstrate teamwork. In brief, a team is a group of people united around a common task. Teamwork encompasses the behaviors that help the team do its task successfully. A look at each concept in more depth is helpful.

Main Discussions :

1.   Creating an Organizational Climate That Supports Teamwork
2.   Reviewing the Teamwork Workshops
3.   Is Teamwork Happening Where You Are .
4.   Tower Building, part 1
5.   Tower Building, part 2
6.   Trust Builders and Trust Destroyers
7.   Teamwork War Story- A Matter of Trust
8.   Learning Recap #1
9.   Recognizing and Overcoming Communication Challenges
10. Bridge Building
11. Decisions And Other Roadblocks
12. Learning Recap #2
13. What Is Teamwork, and What Is Its Value?
14. Effective Communication-The Foundation Of Teamwork
15. Crossing the Great Divide

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