Facilitation Skills

Introduction :

Facilitation of learning in not the same as making a presentation. The word facilitate comes from the Latin facilis, and means, “to make easy”. Strong facilitation skills often drive the success of a learning experience. With more and more subject matter expert assuming training responsibilities in specific content areas, development of superior facilitation skills has never been more important.

Our purpose in this training is to assist you to enhancing your facilitation skills.

Main Discussions : 1.   Presenters and Facilitators 2.   Applying Learning Styles to Facilitation Of Learning Experiences 3.   Structured Bridge Activities 4.   Skill Practices Case Study 5.   Facilitating Learning Activities Practice Setup 6.   Facilitating Learning activities Practice 7.   Room Setup 8.   Managing Disruptive Participants 9.   Adjusting on the Fly 10. Structuring the Development Plan

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