Project Management

Introduction :

It`s been said that a person with a hammer tends to see everyhing as a nail, beut good craftspeople know that there`s a tool for every job. Project management can provide a veritable Swiss army knife of tools that can prove useful in many different situations within your organization. Interest in project management as a discipline continues to grow, and the knowledge base within most organizations has grown accordingly. Project management works best when all of the parties involved in a project understand the basic tools and ractices being used. No one can afford-or would even want-to certify everyone in the organization as a project management professional. On the other hand, today`s emphasis on doing more with less makes basic project management skills a must for almost every member of your organization.

Main Discussions :

  • Defining Project Management
  • Post-Project Review Preview
  • Weighted and Unweighted Selection Criteria
  • Using Forced-Pair Comparisons
  • Case Study Introduction-Beginning the Project Charter
  • Writing SMART objectives
  • Applying the Triple Constraint
  • Identifying Project Stakeholders
  • Project Stakeholder Good Twins and Evil Twins
  • Creating a Product or Service Context Diagram
  • Creating a Project Scope Diagram
  • Managing Project Risk
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Planning Project Communication
  • Creating a Network Diagram and Calculating Critical Path (Party Exercise)
  • Creating a Network Diagram and Calculating Critical Path for Case Study
  • Project Execution Simulation
  • Creating a Personal Action Plan
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