Supervisory Skills

Introduction :

The key to being an effective corporate supervisor lies in the ability to influence and inspire employees and work teams. While it’s true that some supervisors are natural leaders, most people will need some guidance to figure out the best approach. Supervisory skills training can help new and experienced Supervisor confront and overcome the challenges of the modern workforce.

Supervisor training is highly interactive classes are learn by doing workshop, focuses on effective communication, coaching, counselling techniques and more. It directs the attention towards those supervisors who are expected to be the problem solvers, decision makers, responsibility holders and result producers, in a daily work environment that features change, issues and ill structured problems. These supervisors feel the need to equip themselves with the tools and techniques that can help achieve greater daily success.

Main Discussions :

  1. The Role Of The Supervisor
  2. The New Role of Supervisor-Making the transition
  3. Planning and Organizing
  4. Delegation
  5. Motivating
  6. Leadership
  7. Time Management
  8. Performance Management and Performance Improvement
  9. Team Building
  10. Managing Change
  11. Effective Communication
  12. Conflict Resolution
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