New Employee Orientation

Introduction :

Employees are an organization `s most valueble resource, but the way most organization “welcome” a new employee creates the opposite impression. The organization program really is the employee`s first exposure to the organization; therefore, it should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Because it sets the tone, this program needs to be priority item. A thoughtfully planned and delivered program helps the employee`s transition, prompts him or her to feel good about the organization, and ignites excitement and enthusiasm. The focus shoud be on helping to integrate the new employee into the organization and to begin building relationships.

First and foremost, a new employee orientation must be approached as a process, not an event. Employee should receive information on a need to know basis (so as not to overwhelm) to help them move into and adapt to their new environment.

Main Discussions :

  • Connections
  • Things We Have in Common
  • Representative Items
  • Finding Famous Fictional Friends and Families
  • At the Movies
  • What Do You Want to Know?
  • Team Logo
  • Orientation Bingo!
  • What Do You Know About Our Organization?
  • Our Heritage
  • Organizational Structure Card Sort
  • Information Round Robin
  • Press Conference
  • Poster Sessions
  • Employees` Perspectives (Panel Discussion)
  • Organizational Scavenger Hunt
  • Policies and Procedures Information Search
  • What Do I Wear? (Agree/Disagree)
  • Safety First
  • Living Our Core Values
  • Taking the High Road-Ethics in the Workplace
  • Whom Do I Contact?
  • Terminology Tournament
  • Summary of Learnings
  • Full Circle
  • Reflections
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