Training Need Analysis & Training Impact Evaluation

Introduction :

In order to support the company’s business targets, HR practitioners are required to be able to contribute to training programs that support the ‘core competencies’ company. For it is very important for HR practitioners master the technique of proper identification in order to produce training programs that fit the needs of the company, not just to meet the target of training activities.

On the other hand, as the activities of other companies, of course, the training must also provide a return that is greater than the amount of dollars that have been paid to finance the implementation of the training. The HR managers has been talk much about the benefits of qualitative training, with style that is generally understood by HR people. In order to justify the benefit of each execution of training, it is now time for HR managers can display data quantitatively using the “language of management”.

To be able to perform and realize analysis of better effect of training on business, tools and adequate skills are needed at once also the bond linked together with the analysis results of the training needs. For that, this course tries to provide tools and supplies necessary skills to perform the above activities.

Pokok Bahasan :

  • Define Training Need Analysis
  • Training Need Analysis Levels
  • How to align competencies to training program
  • Develop alignment between Training Need Analysis with Training Impact Evaluation
  • Step by step in developing Training Need Analysis
  • Training Evaluation Levels
  • Defining ‘TIE’ in Term of HR spectrum
  • Develop Objective Solution of TIE
  • Develop Evaluation Plans and Baseline Data
  • Develop Collect data Scenario during & after implementation
  • How to Convert Data to Monetary Value
  • How to tabulate Cost
  • How to develop & present ‘TIE’ result in clear report & management language

Training Tools :

  • Simulation ‘Competencies Modeling’ (Formula MS Excel)
  • Simulation ‘Training Need Identification’ (Formula Ms Excel)
  • Simulation ‘Training Impact Evaluation’ (Formula Ms Excel)
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