Customer Service

Introduction :

Customer service is very personal. Our expectation vary according to circumstances and our own ideas about good service, but we all know really good customer service when we see it. It`s that special touch that makes us feel like someone cares. It`s a smile or a follow up call. It`s someone doing something memorable that we didn`t expect.

Training is a key element in improving quality. good workers know that training is necessary for success on the job and for future career growth. with the proper training and support, and a service environment that is costumer-focused and human, employees will have the tools they need to give costumers what they want and deserve : fantastic service every time.
Excellent customer service is crucial for good business. This training discusses the importance of customer service and shows you how to develop your skills in customer service.

Main Discussions :

  1. Skills Analysis
  2. Customer Expectations
  3. Benefits
  4. Moments of Truth
  5. Fantastic Service Equation
  6. Greeting Group
  7. Determining Needs : Communication
  8. Noise
  9. Body Language
  10. Positive Language
  11. Dealing With Anger
  12. Meeting Needs : Problem Solving
  13. The Final Equation Components
  14. Putting It All Together : Role Playing
  15. Customer Service Action Plans
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