Diversity Sensitiveness

Introduction :

The word diversity, however, is anything but unemotional. It evokes strong emotional reactions from leaders, practitioners, and people affected by diversity interventions and solution. The “what is diversity?” question stirs myriad thoughts and opinions, some positive and others negative. The position reactions generally come from people who see themselves as able to value, actively invite, and embrace differences. For people in this category, the idea that valuing differences is an important and possible goal is an almost uncontested truth. But uncontested “truths” are often based on a number of equally uncontested assumptions. For instance, it may be assumed that diversity will inevitably improve porductivity and bring clear bottom-line benefits. If only it were so easy.

This training began as a how-to manual to help managers, employee and diversity practitioners. Teh initial goal was simply to summarize the most competitive practices in the field and weave them into a well-designed workshop, with a timeline, activity descriptions, and all needed materials.

Main Discussions :

  1. Out of the Box
  2. Cultures and Values
  3. First Impressions
  4. Walking in Their Shoes

Learning Activity

  • The P2C2 Challenge, Parts I and II
  • Seeking Connections
  • Personal Commitment
  • The Interview
  • Your Cultural Continuum
  • Values Line
  • Value Congruency
  • Value Decision Making
  • Figuring Things Out
  • Driver Portraits
  • Disproving Stereotypes
  • How Old Were You?
  • A New Product Line
  • The Company Picnic
  • Subtle Discrimination
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