Manager Skills Development

Introduction :

By talking the time to prepare our managers for the different skill sets that are required of their positions, we can help situate them for success. And, if they receive training in advanc e of the promotion, they can discover whether they possess the needed competencies before they are put into the position to “sink or swim”.

This is also the time when we can reinforce the concept that all movement within the company doesn`t necessarily have to be upward to be rewarding. If, on reviewing these skills, employees discover that they`re not comfortable with the responsibilities that are expected of managers, they can adjust their career plans to grow in the organization through expanded responsibilities or lateral moves to other areas of specialization.

Who needs this training?
Managers at all levels and at any point in their careers can use this training as either an orientation or as a refresher course. An important trait of the effective manager is the willingness to be a constant learner, and one`s participation in this course demonstrates that trait. Additionally, the course will update the manager on the latest trends in management development.

Main Discussions :

1.   The Best Manager I Ever Knew…
2.   Interpersonal Skills Practice
3.   Coaching Session Dos and Don`ts
4.   Motivating Employees
5.   Resolving Conflict
6.   Presentation Skills
7.   Effective Meeting Exercise
8.   Customer Service Practice
9.   Business Writing Practice
10. Q&A Review Session
11. To Tell the Truth! Review
12. Time Management Exercise
13. Project Management Exercise
14. Decision Charts
15. Legal Issues
16. Performance Appraisal Practice
17. Creating Teams.
18. Problem Solving Activity
19. Development Plan

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