Leadership Skills Training

Introduction :

In the last five years, business has moved through unfathomable highs, through unfathomable lows, and now seems to bounce around, not sure what will happen next. When things are going well, leadership is critical to ensure that the business is able to grab market share. In good times it is easy to get lazy and waste resources. When things are going badly, leadership is critical to ensure that the business stays viable. In bad times smaller staff and even lower budgets require careful attention. As the economy fluctuates, business strategy must fluctuate as well. None of this can occur without strong leadership at the top, but it is aslo required in the middle of the organization.

Main Discussions :

  1. Understanding Leadership
  2. Lead/Manage
  3. Personal Mission
  4. Behavioral Style
  5. Resiliency Attitude
  6. Intake Styles
  7. Imposing Order on Chaos
  8. Sabotage
  9. Coaching Role Play
  10. Blending Styles
  11. Adapting Styles
  12. Listening
  13. Feedback
  14. Creating a Vision
  15. Customer Orientation
  16. STEM
  17. Remembering
  18. Scenario Planning
  19. Delphi Technique
  20. Nominal Group Technique
  21. Project Leadership
  22. The Big Close

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