Salesmanship Skills

Introduction :

The essence of selling is thingking, communicating, and networking. Every costumer is different, so a salesperson always is thinking about what action to take next. As soon as an action is decide on, it starts a trail of commincation that continues through the follow-up process. And, along with the active customers who salespeople must serve, they must constantly cultivate new leads through networking activities.

In today`s busy world, salespeople engege in many forms of communication with their customers and potential customers. It is no longer possible, or at times necessary, to meet in person. Telephone and email have become the mainstays of sales communication, and both salespeople and thir managers want to improve their skills. As salespeople use email and phone more often, there is a faster pace of communication and many more opportunities for miscommunication.

Main Discussions :

  1. Selling Today
  2. Effective Selling
  3. Sales Cycles
  4. Basic Knowledge
  5. Sales Mind Focus
  6. Managing Tasks and Relationships
  7. Conditions of Satisfaction
  8. Planning and Organizing
  9. Artful Listening
  10. Inquiry
  11. A Basic Formula in Communication
  12. Presentations
  13. Features, Benefits, and Proof in Communication
  14. Compelling Offers in Communication
  15. Networking
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